Professional Hydrographics Installation


067313 3bf070076cc44adfbed2799cc07c1a6e mv2If you've never heard of hydrographics, you may be wondering what the heck it is. Hydrographics is also known as water transfer printing or immersion printing. It allows for all kinds of objects, from car parts to paintball guns to cell phone cases, to have custom graphics easily transferred onto them. The process itself is fairly quick and involves just a handful of steps in order to make sure your graphics are set correctly. East Coast Customz has a special area set up strictly for hydro-dipping and we stand behind our work - your graphics will be attractive and durable, and we are able to work with most metal and plastic objects. Typically, if we can dip it into water we can make it a work of art! Call today for more information about our hydrograph process.

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